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Complete extraction of gelatinized/emulsified dirty oil which inhibits stable grinding.


Complete extraction
Metal・・・Iron, Aluminium, Carbide
Non-metal・・・Glass, Ceramics, Resin
Dirty oil・・・Hydraulic oil, lubricant


Highly Precise Filtration

Ideal cake filtration can be done with our original filtration face form. Not only chips and abrasive grains, but also gelatinized/ emulsified dirty oil, which inhibits stable grinding, can be eliminated.

Reduction of paper consumption

Paper consumption can be reduced greatly due to our original paper shape and filtration face form. Furthermore paper consumption can be less than 1/2 (Max. 1/6) by combining with super precision type magnetic separator (over the conventional models).

Stainless paper transfer unit

Paper transfer unit is all-stainless, rust-proof, with almost no adhesion of ground particulates, and easy to clean.

Easy Maintenance

Easy maintenance due to simple structure.
With a transparent cover, the amount of paper inside is visible and it is easy to exchange papers.

Stable Transfer System

Enchanced durablity of paper transfer system and prevented paper tearing and catching due to our own method.


Grinding iron, aluminum, carbide, glass, ceramics and resin, polishing, precise filtration of coolant for washing

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