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Bag Filter Vessel

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The SIDE-IN bag filter vessel is a full-featured investment-cast filter vessel. A bead, not sand, blasted finish that makes cleaning easy and a cover that can be easily adapted to different opening directions are among SIDE-IN bag filter vessel's many value added features : 
--For filter bags sizes 01, 02 and 04.
--01 Size bag filter vessel- 20,000 lt per hour flow for Nominal rated bags.
--02 Size bag filter vessel- 40,000 lt per hour flow for Nominal rated bags.
--04 Size bag filter vessel- 10,000 lt per hour flow for Nominal rated bags. 
--Side entry inlet connection.
--Bag filter vessel is available in Carbon steel, 304 or 316 stainless steel.
--1"-2" Flange or NPT Inlet and Outlet.
--Buna NTM seals standard (Viton also available) .
--Maximum operating pressure of 10 bar (standard model) . 

Model Max Flow(m3/h) Max pressure Design Temp Pipe Size Material
FQ-S-404-304-G25 10 10bar 80°C 1" 304/316
FQ-S-401-304-G50 20 10bar 80°C 2" 304/316/CS
FQ-S-402-304-G50 45 10bar 80°C 2" 304/316/CS
There are two type of cover, the one is Side-in bag filter vessel, and the other is Top-in bag filter vessel for size 1 or size 2 housing.They are economical, practical, and broad-spectrum.
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